Clean your clusters!

With proper care, your down product can–and should–last a lifetime. One of the benefits of down is its ability to retain loft and resiliency year after year, even with heavy use. When synthetic options start to degrade within a couple seasons, your down jacket can last for many years.

Keeping your down product lofty, comfortable and warm for years requires relatively simple consideration and care.

Harsh detergents can strip the down of the fat and oil necessary to keep it resilient, causing it to become brittle so it is critical to use a mild detergent. ALLIED has developed a down wash that targets the very specific needs for keeping your down products clean.

To wash your down product, follow these easy steps:

1.Start by running your down product through a rinse only cycle, without detergent, to wet product

2.Using a down-specific detergent such as ALLIED’s Down Wash, wash in cold or warm water and, if possible, add an extra rinse following the wash without detergent.

3.Dry thoroughly on low heat. This may take several cycles. Many times, the exterior shell will feel dry but the down inside is still slightly damp. It is critical to dry your down product completely and it is unlikely you would damage the down when using low heat.

During drying, add three clean tennis balls to aid in breaking up the down and maximizing loft.

We always recommend against dry cleaning. However, if the garment suggests dry clean only, take to a launderer that has experience cleaning down products.

That new down jacket has been through a lot and has probably been packed for a while during shipping. Putting it through a wash cycle without detergent followed by a thorough dry as soon as you get home will help boost it back to maximum loft right away.
Allied Down Wash