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As a by-product of the food industry, the regions that consume the most duck and geese will also be the largest sources of down. China, for example, accounts for much of the global duck and goose meat production and thus, accounts for as much as 80% of the world's down.

Asian ducks and geese are slightly smaller species than their European counterparts and also tend to be consumed at a much younger age, which can result in smaller and less mature down clusters. While the bulk of Chinese material may not attain the highest fill powers, the quality and warmth can still be exceptional with proper processing and strong sourcing. With decades of experience working in and owning facilities in China, ALLIED has been able to identify the finest sources from farms and collector-based regions that can offer a responsibly-sourced traceable insulation rivaling the finest and warmest down found anywhere in the world.

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ALLIED has facilities all over the world in strategic locations to source the finest possible materials and best serve all our partners. We have two facilities in China which allows ALLIED to implement our own proprietary processing methods and to ensure the highest quality.

These facilities recycle approximately 65 Million Gallons of water annually and are bluesign certified.

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Fill Power is the measure of loft used to determine the insulating quality of the down. Measured in cubic inches / ounce, larger clusters create more air pockets providing a higher fill power number with greater insulating ability per weight.

When down is sold for manufacturing, an average Fill Power is designated for sale. At ALLIED, we are committed to providing the finest product in the world and will always provide material that tests beyond expectations. We are able to verify, through industry standard third-party material testing, the actual Fill Power of each lot so you can see exactly what is in your product that is keeping you safe, comfortable and warm.






Down is a natural product that, like any other organic material, is susceptible to mold, dust mites, and other allergens. However, as a keratin-based protein, very few people have an allergy to the down itself, they are more often than not reacting to dust mites and other allergens in unclean down.

ALLIED's premium down utilizes a unique washing procedure that uses less water, recycles the water that is used and cleans the down thoroughly with environmentally friendly detergents.

To quantify cleanliness, turbidity and oxygen tests are conducted. For turbidity, any number over 500 mm is considered a hypoallergenic product. ALLIED down consistently measures well over 1000 mm. Oxygen testing measures the residual organic matter in the material. The lower the number, the better with a maximum allowable of 10.


Down is a natural organic by-product and as such, it is impossible to achieve a lot with a true 100% pure down cluster without any trace of fiber, feathers, or other miscellaneous material. ALLIED prides itself on working closely with our partners to provide the best possible content for each particular use.

For decades, down has always been used quite generally. With ALLIED inside, you can feel confident that the product you are looking at has been designed using new unique levels of precision and optimization of the down insulation resulting in better performance, resiliency and feel for the life of the product.

  • down cluster - 81.0%
  • down fiber - 2.2%
  • feather fiber - 3.0%
  • waterfowl - 13.7%
  • broken feathers - 0.1%
  • quill - 0%
  • landfowl - 0%
  • residue - 0%